Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crochet wire bracelets

Agate chip brown wire crochet bracelet.

Glass seed bead spiral brown wire crochet bracelet with magnetic closure.

Blue, black and white chip black wire crochet bracelet with magnetic closure.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Projects - June 27, 2010

Been a while since I've uploaded projects... here are some of the latest!

Crochet baby cap and matching blanket for my friend, K.

Wire crochet agate stone bracelet.

Wire crochet white stone bracelet

Wire crochet sparkle purple stone bracelet.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caps I forgot about

Here are some caps I made in the last few months, but forgot about and just now got around to photographing.

This cap started out as one for a guy, but I thought it looked too feminine and decided to keep it for myself :) The edging of the cap was my first try at the "crab stitch" aka "reverse single crochet". I think it makes a really nice edging... kind of a rolled look if you will.

This cap I made for myself, and then Chris saw it and liked it, so I made him a matching one :) Tess models mine first, and then I have it on. Chris' is made from the same yarn, but is larger than mine. On both, I put a really floppy pom-pom. I refer to these caps as our "patriotic hats". Chris calls them his "Buffalo Bills cap" :)

Chris' standard beanie

So, after I made the "standard" beanie for Chris, he wanted to see if I could modify the pattern to make it so that the cap was longer in the back and shorter in the front. The "mullet", if you will, of caps. I guess a more flattering way of saying it would be that it is a "helmet" style :) I made a standard cap until he was happy with the length of it in the front, and then I started adding on to the back only, starting just before the ears so that his ears/neck would be covered, but he wouldn't have to flip up the front of the hat to see.

Another round of baby caps...

These were made for Chris' friend "J" at work who was just blessed with the arrival of his baby boy.

Double pom-pom blue and white v-stitch cap

Two strand (iridescent blue and white) beanie with pom-pom top

Powder green tapered top-knot elfin cap

"Granny" shells cap in Ducky (yellow), Angel White and Sweet Pea (green) in my favorite, Vanna's Choice Baby yarn.

Lime green gathered-top hat with white draw string

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crocheting with... WIRE?!

24 gague green wire that I loaded with beads and crocheted. Yes, CROCHETED!

Aerial view of crocheted green bracelet.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'll Have My People Call Your People

Earlier today, I was at my desk at work writing some documentation and listening to the Lion Brand Yarn's podcast that I love so much… I wrote in on the blog a while back a suggestion for crocheters regarding hook letter versus millimeter number size. You have to check that the millimeter size is the right one for the pattern you are working on, not just checking the letter on the hook as there is not a standardization of letter values to millimeters across various brands of hooks. THEY USED MY TIP on Episode 53 (at 4:33 in) on the PodCast! They mentioned me by name! I’m officially a celebrity!! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meet Tess + New Projects

Meet Tess! Tess was a Christmas present from Chris... just what I asked for! I'm such a lucky girl :) Tess will be my model for hats, earrings and scarves... maybe some other stuff too if I make something else new. Her name pays homage to the name that Mrka had when I adopted her. "Tess" is the name that the rescue group gave Mrka, but since she was a stray and didn't respond to that name, I changed it. But, I think it is a great name for my new model!

I got a new winter coat this year, and obviously it needed new accessories to go with it! I decided to make some felted hats...

Here are the brown and white hats, prior to felting.

Here they are on me for perspective... huge, right?

Buttons and baubles prior to felting... I wasn't sure what I was going to want to put on the hats, so I made both!

Tess, modeling the hats, felting and button/bauble adding complete!

After wearing the coat for the first time, I noticed that my makeup was getting on the collar. So, I decided to make a cowl to "protect" the coat. Of course, with the cowl, I needed a matching hat, right? :) So, I made a cloche and added a cute flower to the side.

Close-up of the hat and flower

Close-up of the cowl

Here are some hats I made for my brother's friend's daughter in PA... one of the cutest toddlers ever!

Pink hat with large flower

Close-up of the flower

Double-tassle shell hat